Powder Coating

We make Quality repairs On Cracked wheels, curb damaged wheels and worn down wheels

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Powder Coating 

Rim Doctors offers the ability to powder coat your wheels.  A lot of customers are looking to change the color of their wheels to a black finish.  We offer flat, matte, and gloss finishes.  We offer different colors as well.  Just give us a call and see what unique finishes we can do for you.

We have the ability to take your OEM (original equipment manufacturer) wheels and restore them to factory specs.  Make your wheels the highlight of your car and truck.

Powder Coating Service

Powder Coating Including Prep

Starting at 

$150/per wheel

Please note that powder coating can take a week to complete in most cases.  This service requires the tire to be removed.  If you prefer us to remove your tire for you, see our Mounting and Balancing Service page.

Freshen Up Your Rims

Our Technicians Offer A Satisfactory Service If You Are Looking for A New Look to Your Rims.  Here At The Rim Doctor We Do A Great Job At Powder Coating. Give Us A Call! 

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