Curb Damage Repair

We make Quality repairs On Cracked wheels, curb damaged wheels and worn down wheels

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Curb Damage

There are many ways to damage the face off of your rim.  One of the most common damage we see is curb damage on your wheel.  Whether it is done at grocery store, the drive through at your local bank, taking a sharp turn or in some cases being pushed off the road by another driver.

The good news is we can cosmetically fix your rims.  We can make those nasty rashes go away.  We have repaired thousands of wheels with curb damage for our retail customers as well as your local dealerships in their service and used car departments. We can get those rims looking better in no time and in most cases without removing the tire and rim off of the car or truck.

Service for Curb Damaged Wheels 

Wheel Repair and Refinishing

Starting at 

$100/per wheel

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Curb Damage?

we can take care of it here at rim doctor. our technicians have seen thousands of damaged rims and have the expertise to complete the task.