Cracked Wheel Damage Repair

We make Quality repairs On Cracked wheels, curb damaged wheels and worn down wheels

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​Cracked Damage

Cracked rims can be caused by low profile tires, potholes, debris in the road, curbs, railroad tracks etc.  Driving with a cracked rim can cause a variety of issues.  Slow loss of air pressure can cause excessive tire wear, alignment issues and loss of fuel economy as well as the road handling of your car and truck and if the crack is large enough where there is a sudden loss of air pressure, you could looks the handling of your vehicle altogether. 

Service for Cracked Wheels 

TIG Weld Repair Service

Cracked Wheels With Bends?

We highly recommend checking the rim for any bends that may have be associated with the cause of the crack.  It is also cost effective to have them check while the tire is still off rather pay to have the tire demount/mount/balance at a later time.

Cracked Rims?

 Welding a rim is safe if properly done and is a cost-effective alternative to buying a new rim or a used rim which very well may have its own issues.  At Rim Doctor have a solution for you.  We can take in your own rim and weld it.  Our experienced TIG welders can perform a quality weld repair and get you back safely on the road again